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Shaker Style End Tables

shaker style end tables

    shaker style
  • Shaker Style furniture is a distinctive style of furniture designed and developed in the late 18th century/early 19th Century by American religious communities known as the Shakers.

  • Simple and uncluttered Palo Alto kitchen design style reflective of a historic section of Eastern American descent called Shakers. Old, New England elements fall into this category – finials, trestle tables, bolt and tenor detail, cope and stick joinery.

  • Design philosophy developed in early American furniture-making. A very simple design featuring strips of wood, shaker furniture is built on concepts of order, utility and durability.

    end tables
  • are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

shaker style end tables - Leick Furniture

Leick Furniture Shaker Style Bin Cabinet End Table

Leick Furniture Shaker Style Bin Cabinet End Table

An elegant and simple design based on classic Shaker furniture, this end table is perfect for use by a sofa or chair. It features solid ash wood construction and glazed candleglow finish. A bin style door pull decorates the front door of the table. Inside is a single shelf and ample storage room for magazines and other items. Design by Leick Furniture. Solid ash wood construction. Glazed candleglow finish. Bin style door pull. Single shelf storage. Design by Leick Furniture. 24" high. 15" wide. 24" deep.

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Remodel 413 - 09-03-06 - COMPLETED

Remodel 413 - 09-03-06 - COMPLETED

Back in July, after the new family room furniture had been delivered, I needed to start deciding what pieces of the old furniture would stay and which would go. The two Shaker-style bedside tables that I've had since 1995 when I lived back in Morristown, NJ, were a dark hunter green with burgundy undertones had served as end tables in the living/family rooms of our old condo and again in this house. With my old furniture, the color and style worked. But not anymore. I got the brilliant idea to borrow Contractor Larry's hand sander one weekend and sanded both tables down to the bare wood. Then I went to Home Depot and bought a semi-gloss paint called "Chocolate Sprinkle" which was the closest match to the brown of the couch and bought a pair of simple brushed nickel knobs. Two coats of paint and a trip to the glass shop later, we have two matching side tables that better mesh with the new look of the family room. I make this all sound easy. I'll never do anything on a whim like this again. LOL A messy and often frustrating process, I'll plan better next time. At least they're done and they turned out like I envisioned. I'm pleased.

Shaker-style table (details)

Shaker-style table (details)

By request, closeup details of the Shaker table, showing off just a few of its many flaws.

On the left: I turned the drawer pull on the lathe -- the turning blank was made (as were the legs) from two pieces of 1-inch stock laminated together, since they don't have any 2-inch stock (what can I say -- school budgets are tight). And if you look closely you can see where I pre-drilled the screw hole in the wrong place (apparently that whole "measure twice cut once" thing applies to drilling as well...)

On the right, the dovetail joinery on the drawer. Not bad for my first try, though you can see where I had to sand off about a sixteenth of an inch from top and bottom to make the drawer fit (that whole measuring thing again). Also, not sure how to prevent the exposed end grain from sucking in the squeezed-out glue during the clamping. But what the hell, it's a nice tight joint.

shaker style end tables

shaker style end tables

Shaker Design

"A spellbinding book, depicting the remarkable work of some remarkable men and women. . . . This is a book to cherish." —Woodworking Crafts
The Shaker movement in America began in 1774 when Mother Ann Lee emigrated from Manchester, England, with a small group of followers, and settled in New York State. Despite impoverished beginnings, the Shakers flourished in the early nineteenth century, and by 1840 there were four to six thousand members living in eighteen principle communities from Maine to Kentucky. Turning away from society, they lived in large families that were both celibate and communal. In striving for heaven on earth, they created a visual environment of such harmony and quiet power that it continues to impress observers today, when the Shakers have all but passed from the American scene.

The many works presented in this beautiful volume reveal the Shaker commitment to excellence in all matters. The chairs, cases of drawers, work stands, baskets, oval boxes, wheelbarrows, stoves, looms, and even tailoring tools have a purity of form that transcends mere utility and elevates our appreciation beyond a sense of function.

This volume draws objects from forty collections, including extant Shaker villages, the work of some thirty known individuals, and as many artists who remain anonymous.

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